Hello!  I’m Maggie!

How amazing is it that we can capture one tiny, little blip in time for the rest of eternity?  There is just a certain sort of magic about an image and the act of photography.  And the way an image can move you all the way to your core… wow!  I believe photography is my way of connecting the world, showing my perspective.  The greatest thing I could hope for in a photo would be a moment that reveals the person’s truest, honest part of who they are.  I love photography.



I earned my bachelor’s degree in fine art at Flagler College.  I loved being at a small school where you called professors by their first names.  We were all peers working together and growing in your craft.  While in college, I began art quilting and still create often!  You can view it here.

I would love to talk to you and create a session that you will admire forever!

May your life be filled with art!