Intimate Wedding Planning Tips

I am in love with love! I’ve compiled a few tips to help with Intimate Wedding planning in Sarasota.


Don’t skimp on the details.

You’re saving tons of cash by not inviting hundreds of people to your ceremony.  Be sure the details that make you happy are there; the right bouquet, the dress you’ve always pictured yourself in, your furry companion by your side.  You are carefully curating the most beautiful ceremony that represents you and your partner.   There’s no one to please but the two of you.  Have fun with it!

Bouquet, Maggie Dillon Photography, Sarasota

Consider planning your nuptials on a weekday.

Be creative with your scheduling and get a wider selection of wedding professionals.  Many wedding professionals get booked out for weekend weddings a year or two in advance.  Venues are easier to secure on weekdays.
**plus, if you decide to get married in the middle of the week, relatives would be working anyway.


Know the wedding professionals you choose to work with.

Referrals are great, as the service providers you choose are important.  Emailing in the beginning works great, but close the deal by telephone or in person with a written agreement to follow.  Quoted prices should include all the details as agreed.  You don’t want any surprises.


Create a Mood Board on Pinterest.

Wedding professionals create magic if they know what “works” for you.  Be clear with your expectations.


Invite ONLY who you want.

You are the curator – no obligation or etiquette.  Invite exactly who you want to attend and no more.  Choose to share the moment with people who love and care for you.


Don’t feel the need to keep traditions if they aren’t important to you.

Create your own significant moments that have meaning to you.  Garters, something blue, veils… all traditions, while they can be beautiful, that can be skipped or changed to something that is more fitting of your personality.


Enjoy your wedding and be proud of it.

Take moments to step back and enjoy what’s happening around you – smell the air, enjoy the view, focus on your new spouse.


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