Tips for designing your Wedding Photo Album

The wedding of your dreams has just come to life and soon, becomes a blur of wonderful memories.

You open your email and your digital wedding images have been delivered! There are so many memorable moments to choose from in your gallery and it’s time to design your wedding album!

Here are a few quick tips for putting together your dream album:

  1. Choose your FAVORITE images (not the ones you think you should choose.)

Think of your album as a timeline showcasing your favorite memories of your day.  Choose the images you can’t live without.  Don’t overlook the candid moments that show true emotion.  Those are the images that will truly transport you back to that moment.


  1. Think simple.

You don’t want to overcrowd your album spreads with too many images.  Let a meaningful photo stand on its own.  Stretch a horizontal image across two pages. Pair two similar images together to recreate a moment.

Wedding album - Maggie Dillon Photography, Sarasota, FL


  1. Let the photos tell a story.

Relive the day as you experienced it.  Generally, getting ready shots should go before the ceremony photos, however there can be exceptions.  Who says you can’t start your album with a stunner from later in the day?


  1. Lay out one spread at a time.

More important than the order of the images is the flow of the images.  An album is made up of spreads. Think about each spread (or two pages) as a whole.  The pages need to relate to one another by content or style.


  1. Represent the big ceremony moments.

Moments like the bride walking down the aisle, the exchange of rings, the kiss are all “must-have” shots.  If you overlooked those items in your first round of favorites, go back through them again and include a few of those.

Wedding Album Sarasota - Maggie Dillon Photography


  1. Choose your favorite images as soon as you can.

Don’t procrastinate in choosing your album images.  Let your photographer draft a “dream layout” using some extra images to help the flow of the album.  A draft of your album will be sent to you.  You are welcome to make notes and changes.


  1. Choose the size of your album.

An intimate, shorter wedding wouldn’t need as many spreads as an eight-hour wedding.  (Basic album packages start at 10 spreads/20 pages, but are able to be produced at 30 spreads/60 pages or even in volumes!)


  1. Think about your walls, too.

The prints that you choose to hang on your wall should also be in your album.  Choose from your absolute favorite shots from the day, the ones you connect with most.  In addition to your album, be sure to order prints of your entire gallery.


  1. Display your album where it can be enjoyed.

Laying your album out on a coffee table is great for the months after your wedding.  Everyone will be asking to see it!  Keep it away from dirty fingers and make sure it is not in direct sunlight.  This is an heirloom that your children and grandchildren will be asking to see one day!


A wedding album is art — it’s meant to be enjoyed and meant to be looked at.



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